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Enrichment Program

Teacher and Young Student
Saturday's from 10am-12pm
Sunday's from 2pm-4pm
Children ages 3 through 12
What do we offer?
Here, at Heaven Sent Early Learning Center, we cover every subject within our enrichment program. Just let us know what three areas you want us to focus on with your child and we'll take it from there. 
Children Struggling
This enrichment program is effective for children who are struggling within school. If your child is a little behind in class and needs more one on one assistance, this is the perfect place for them. Although this is a group setting, each child is promised and guaranteed personal time with the tutor. Here, no child will be left behind. 
Advanced Children
Is your child currently advanced and has a strong passion/desire to learn more? This is the perfect location for him/her. This enrichment program is VERY beneficial for families who want their children to be challenged and to stay ahead of their classmates. Never will we stop a child from reaching their full potential. If they show signs and prove that they are ready for new material, we give it to them! 
Tuition Rate
Length of tutoring session: 2 hours each day 
Subjects taught: 3 subjects of your choosing
Price: $90 per each session
You can choose for your child to participate in both sessions or only one. 
If you personally want to know if this is the right place for your child, or if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 301-627-3946, or schedule a tour with us today. 
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