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School Readiness

Education is not a preparation for life. Education is life itself.
– John Dewey

Heaven Sent Early Learning Center Daily Plan


6:30am- 7:15am : Welcome

7:15am- 7:35am :   Breakfast

7:35am- 7:45am Restroom break

7:45am -8:15am Free Play 

8:15am- 9:00am Circle Time

9:00am- 9:15am Restroom Break

9:15am- 10:00am Outdoor Play (If weather permits)

10:00am- 10:15am Restroom Break

10:15am- 11:00am Lesson plan for the day

11:00am-11:15am Restroom Break

11:15am-11:50am Reading/Story time

11:50am- 12:00am Restroom Break

12:00pm -12:45pm Lunch

12:45pm- 1:00pm Restroom Break

1:00pm - 3:00pm Nap Time

3:00pm- 3:15pm Restroom Break

3:15pm- 3:30pm Snack Time

3:30pm- 4:00pm Review of Lesson 

4:00pm- 4:15pm Restroom Break

4:15pm 5:00pm Outdoor Play (If weather permits)

5:00pm- 5:15pm Restroom Break

5:15pm-6:00pm Indoor Free Play; Dismissal 






Developmentally appropriate activities will be provided for all ages. Everyone will participate in language arts, reading, math, science, music, arts and crafts and hands on learning activities. 


Infants and toddlers


Infants and toddlers will learn through discovery. They will be able to discover the world around them through exploring and play. Long-term and trusting relationships will be formed amongst the educator and the little ones. The skills that will be worked on with the infants and toddlers include: social and emotional development, physical development, communication, language and literacy ability, cognitive development, and their creative arts skills. 


Early Preschool 2-3 year olds


Early preschoolers will work on their cognitive development, language and communication development, physical development, health, self-help skills, and social/emotional development. They will begin to work on critical thinking, taking on challenges and making connections. Their writing, math, and reading/early literacy skills will also be focused upon. They will learn with hands-on and engaging activities.


Preschool 4-5 year olds


Preschoolers will learn and develop in several areas. These areas include: language arts and literacy, math, science, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor skills, and cognitive development. Children will work on strengthening their abilities in writing, reading and math skills. They will participate in activities to make sure that they are school ready. Preschoolers will become more structured and prepared for what to expect when entering kindergarten.



A few activities that the children will participate in at Heaven Sent Early Learning Center are:



Counting, skip counting, patterns, number recognition, simple addition and subtraction, ordinals, shapes, comparing, money, time and positions (top, bottom). 



Weather, plants, animals, sounds, textures, measure and mix, magnets, magnifying glass, the five senses, and experience the world we live in through nature walks, gardening, and other outdoor activities. 


Social Studies:

Learn the 50 states song, what state they live in, family traditions, community, and diversity.



Alphabets (name and sounds), recognize, write, and spell first and last name; hold a pencil, draw, retell stories, answer questions about stories read to them, nursery rhymes, holding a book correctly, vocabulary, listening skills, develop fine motor skills.



Problem solving skills, work with others in a group, sharing materials, manners, communicate his/her needs, cleaning up after his/herself, fasten clothing, zip up jacket, and learn about different types of  people, jobs, and transportation. 


Creative Arts:

Dramatic play, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, acting out different animals with their movement and sounds, children’s instruments, music, and form rhythm



Kids Painting
Kids Reading Outdoor
Numbers Game
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