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About Us


Heaven Sent Early Learning Center is here to provide your child with loving, nurturing, and motherly care. Our mission is to provide your child with the appropriate care and to stimulate their minds throughout their early years. Following Tower to Reading's reading program, the children within our care are known as early readers who are eager to pick up a book and learn to read.  


Here, we strive to motivate and encourage children to become leaders of tomorrow. Not only do we value and focus on the children in our care, we also value the families and persuade them to be active and involved in their child’s early education. Family involvement promotes school success for every child of every age.


Heaven Sent Early Learning Center was founded in December, 2014 and opened its doors on January 1st, 2015. HSELC is a family oriented childcare center. We are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education Office of Child Care. Every staff member in the facility is First Aid and CPR certified.  The primary benefit of us being a family daycare center is the amount of attention and one-on-one teaching that your child can receive from us.  Your child is guaranteed to be involved in age appropriate developmental activity that goes on. No child will be left behind. 


Heaven Sent Early Learning Center has a total of two teachers. Ms. Conyers primary focus is on the infants while Ms. Edwards is focused on the pre-school age children. Together, they aim to help each and every child to reach their maximum potential and to head off to elementary school with a high level of confidence. 





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